Vinyl car wraps have been around for many years now. They have become the first choice for people who would like an alternative to painting. Car wraps are utilised by businesses and individuals to completely separate their vehicles from the standard look. The design and installation of these wraps can be quick and easy.

If you are having an entire car or truck wrapped, professional installation is preferable. This is a labor-intensive process and, if not performed correctly, could lead to the failure of the vinyl wrap. The installers will start by preparing the surface through the use of a hand wash with soap and water. Next, they will thoroughly wipe down all surfaces with a solvent cleaner to remove wax, grease, and tar. Once the surface is prepared, the installers will measure the areas of the car and transfer those to the vinyl. The vinyl will then be cut out to fit those specific sections while leaving a small amount of overhang. Vinyl wrap is applied starting at one edge and slowly laying the vinyl down while working out any wrinkles and bubbles by hand. Once the wrap is down, the installer will go back over it with a plastic squeegee. They start in the centre and squeegee out towards the edges to work out any remaining air bubbles.

Cure It GDP Roofing System - vinyl car wrap

Businesses have long used vinyl car wraps to convey their advertising messages on their vehicles. These businesses have seen the value of having mobile billboards continuously travelling throughout the areas in which they conduct business. Car wraps are a great way to get the attention of surrounding motorists and pedestrians. What better way to let people know you are a plumber than to show them a picture of a homeowner standing in 6 inches of water and your instructions on how to get in touch with you for their plumbing needs. Or, perhaps you are a real estate agent. Can you imagine the attention your car would draw if it were covered in beautiful homes and sold signs?

Barton BMW Workshop - Pearlescent white full wrap

In recent years, vinyl car wrapping has become increasingly popular with individuals. Like businesses, individuals see car wraps as a great alternative to having expensive paint work done. People have their cars covered in a variety of designs and also in plain solid colors. You can basically have anything your imagination can dream of transferred onto the car wrap. This process gives you the flexibility to completely change the look of your vehicle every few years if you so choose.

Car wraps can be a great way for you to distinguish your business from the competition, or as an individual, you can customise your vehicle in an uncommon manner. Vinyl car wraps allow you to change the look of your vehicle without damaging the original finish. The cost of car wraps can vary greatly depending on where you live. As a rule of thumb, you can expect to pay anywhere between £800 and £4000 to have your car wrapped.

Published on
April 1, 2022
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