Before we deep dive into the steps of vinyl removal, you should be aware of the factors that impact removal difficulty.

For example, the longer the vinyl wrap has been on the vehicle, the harder it will be to remove. By the same token, it’s more likely there will be adhesive residue left behind the longer the wrap has been on the car.

Vinyl can become brittle over time, so if a wrap has been on a vehicle for, say, ten years, it’s going to be a labour-intensive process to remove all the chips and pieces.

On the other hand, if the vinyl wrap is under four years old, there’s a good chance you can make it a weekend DIY project. More than anything, the removal process will demand a lot of patience.

Whether you want to remove the vinyl on your vehicle or you are prepping for a new wrap, vinyl removal is easy. As long as you know what you’re doing and have patience, the vinyl should come off easily and without damaging the paint job. To get started, all you need is a heat gun and to follow the steps listed below.

Five Simple Steps to Removing Vinyl

You should do it on a day that is not cold, not very hot, and in calm weather. Start the project in a covered area, preferably in your garage. Now that you know about the ideal condition to work in, we can move on to the actual process of removing the vinyl wrap correctly.

1. Use a Heat Gun

Start by slowly heating the corner of the vinyl on a low to medium setting. According to vinyl manufacturer specifications, 65 degrees and up is generally the right temperature to use. Make sure the heat gun isn’t in one spot for too long-you don’t want the vinyl to bubble or start to burn.

2. Work on the Edges

Then, pick at the edge of the vinyl and slowly pull at a 45-degree angle. This ensures that the vinyl doesn’t tear or break apart. Whatever you do, don’t yank at the vinyl. Be careful as the vinyl or vehicle might be hot and you may want to use heat-protective gloves.

3. Stay Consistent

Keep your pulling pressure, angle, and speed consistent while you’re peeling off the vinyl. Old vinyl wraps are more difficult to remove than newer ones. Therefore, the effort lies in your being patient and keeping the force with which you are pulling unchanged to prevent the wrap from tearing.

4. Removing Adhesive Residue

There may be some leftover from the vinyl adhesive residue. If this is the case, you can use an adhesive remover to take this off without damaging the paint job. Spray the remover on the adhesives and leave it like that for a minute or two to let it absorb. Next, with a piece of cloth, wipe away the remover from the adhesive using a circular motion, moving in both clockwise and anticlockwise directions.

5. You're Almost Done!

Adhesive remover can leave the surface looking dull, but you can avoid this by cleaning your vehicle afterward. Clean the vehicle with a cloth soaked in soapy water, using the same motions as mentioned in step 4, till you get a nice, shiny surface. Use a glass cleaner on your windows to get them clear and transparent. Your vehicle is back to its original paint job, and you are ready to get your vehicle wrapped again if you wish.

 *please note: any advice given is based on the fact that you have had your vehicle wrapped with us. You may see varied results if this is not the case for you*

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