Breathe new life into your motorhome with a show-stopping wrap from Vinyl Car Wraps! We use only premium materials from industry leaders like 3M, Hexis, Metamark, Oracal, Mactac, Avery Dennison, Nu-Coat, LG Hausys, APS, Stahls, KPMF, KleenTear, KleenView, and Rtape, ensuring a flawless finish that turns heads wherever you go. Our expert installers, meticulously trained and certified, will apply the wrap with precision, guaranteeing a seamless look that lasts.

Ready to unleash your creativity? We offer a mind-boggling selection of over 500 colours and finishes, from classic solids to head-turning metallics and chromes. Want something even more unique? No problem! Our design team will collaborate with you to craft a custom printed masterpiece that perfectly embodies your vision.

We can even match specific colours or create one-of-a-kind patterns to make your motorhome truly stand out.

Beyond aesthetics, motorhome wraps offer a valuable layer of protection for your original paintwork, shielding it from the elements and everyday wear. And when it's time to trade in your beloved motorhome, the wrap can be easily removed, preserving the pristine condition underneath.

Prices typically range from £1500 to £6000, depending on the size of your motorhome. Don't let budget be a hurdle - contact Vinyl Car Wraps today for a free design consultation and quote. We're passionate about exceeding expectations and can't wait to help you create the perfect wrap for your dream motorhome adventure!

Motorhome Wrapping Process

Wrapping a motorhome is a science, and achieving optimum results requires extensive training, experience, and investment in specialist print, finishing, and installation facilities:

1. Design


We have invested in the latest imaging equipment, high end design software, and an experienced design team to ensure we produce the most visually stunning creative designs. Our designers will work with you to ensure your branding, message, or advertisement stands out from the crowd. We will provide accurate design visuals prior to production to ensure complete satisfaction. Where an existing design is provided to us, we will accurately transpose this onto our vehicle templates to ensure an accurate reproduction.

2. Printing


We utilise the latest wide-format digital printers, inks and software from Roland Digital Group. They are global leaders in sign printing technology, with specialist vinyl wrapping films from Oracal and Metamark. These are recognised in the industry as offering some of the best available long-term media performance. Accurate design and colour reproduction require the right equipment, calibration, and end-to-end colour management. We are confident our combination of software, inks, print equipment, and media offers unbeatable quality.

3. Fitting


Wrapping the complex curves, recesses, and panel shapes on most vehicles requires in-depth experience, training, and an eye for detail. Our fitters have thousands of hours and hundreds of vehicles under their belts. All have industry recognised wrap training and accreditations. For each project, whether a single motorhome, or a large fleet, we work to a detailed quality checklist with customer sign-off. Our dedicated fitting facility is large, modern, clean, and correctly heated; all of these elements are critical to ensuring a high-quality finish and long-term performance.

4. Removal


Our specific fitting process also allows the removal of the wrap film up to 5+ years after fitting on factory standard paintwork. This is ideal for when promotions end or when vehicles are replaced. We can restore your vehicle back to its pre-wrap condition by stripping and removing all vinyl. The wrap would also have protected the paintwork and kept it in its original condition. Please get in touch to discuss how vehicle wrapping can help you get your company or brand noticed!

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