Since we've been in the car wrapping business for so long, we've come across a number of humorous misconceptions about vehicle wraps. We list 14 myths about vehicle wrapping and explain why they are untrue.

1. Vehicle wraps cause paint to peel.

Parts of your paint may lift due to rust spots, peeling paint, or car covers that have been on for too long. But this isn't the case if you follow the proper installation and uninstall guidelines. A quality vinyl wrap won't remove your paint.

2. It is more expensive to wrap a vehicle.

That is untrue. A vehicle wrap installation uses less material and labour and takes less time to create.

3. It Is Dangerous to install graphics on windows.

While solid vinyl graphics will obstruct your view, this is not how window treatments should be installed. Perforated window film would be the kind of material used if you decided to have window graphics on your car. Since perforated window films can be seen through from the inside out, they are completely safe to use on car windows.

4. A leased vehicle cannot be wrapped.

Typically, leased vehicles are only kept for one or two years. This period of time is significantly shorter than the typical lifespan of a vehicle wrap, allowing for the safe application and removal of a vehicle wrap before returning the vehicle to the dealer. To be certain, verify with your leasing agreement or the dealership before deciding.

5. The removal of a vehicle wrap is difficult.

When it's time to take a vehicle wrap off, it simply peels off. If the vehicle wrap has been on the vehicle for 8 to 10 years, or more then it will be a much difficult process. This is down to many factors and isn't recommended to try and attempt this by yourself. Many vehicle wrap shops provide removal services in addition to installs if you want your vehicle wrap to be taken off.

6. A vehicle that is wrapped will go unnoticed.

This is a complete myth. Compared to a simple paint job, vehicle wraps provide thousands additional creative possibilities. This holds true for both colour-changing and custom vehicle covers. Take a look at the image below and determine for yourself if you would have noticed this car while it was travelling down the road.

Progress Housing Group - vehicle part wrap and graphics

7. A vehicle wrap can be installed by anyone.

This is accurate, but there is a condition. Anyone can paint, but the quality of a painting mostly depends on its price. With a skilled installer's work, there is not only visible skill, but the type of material also important. In addition to having access to better materials, certified installers will be able to advise you on the best brand and colour to accomplish your ideal look.

8. Too much maintenance is required.

Cleaning a vehicle wrap is similar to cleaning a vehicle's body paint. Additionally, it doesn't necessitate any additional upkeep beyond what your car normally requires. Maintaining a clean and well-kept garage will increase the lifespan of your vehicle wrap, but it will do the same for a paint job as well.

9. Fleet wrapping is too difficult.

It takes careful planning to carry out a large fleet wrapping project successfully. The project will run smoothly if you partner with an experienced fleet wrapping business. A fleet wrap project would only be too challenging if you worked with a fleet wrapping company that lacked dedicated project managers to oversee the procedure.

10. Vehicles with wraps are a target.

We occasionally hear claims that wrapped vehicles are more likely to be stolen. In our search to determine whether this is true online, we came up empty-handed. What we did discover is that thieves target vehicles that are unoccupied while running, unlocked, or have easier ignition systems to bypass.

11. Vehicle wraps can conceal paint chips and dings.

While a vehicle wrap can help hide paint imperfections and very minor dings, its main selling point is that it will blend in with your car's surface. Thus, any significant dings, dents, or scratches will be visible. And given that the surface is now fresh and clean, they will probably appear more pronounced.

12. Wraps for vehicles are not cost-effective.

That is untrue. In addition to protecting paint from damage, a simple vehicle wrap for a consumer gives the buyer two paint colour options when the vehicle is being sold again. Comparatively speaking, a business vehicle wrap is the MOST efficient form of advertising, reaching thousands more people for a fraction of the cost of print, radio, and even just ads.

13. Wrapping a vehicle takes too long.

A brand-new paint job can take one to three weeks, but a full colour change wrap only takes two to three days! Even though painting a single panel takes less time overall, it still necessitates multiple coats and an overnight drying period. [text changed]

14. Vinyl wraps are not very durable.

A vehicle wrap that has been installed and maintained correctly can last for five to seven years. Depending on how well you take care of your car, the times will change. If you are worried about how long a wrap will last, ask your nearby vehicle wrapping business what materials they use and how long they advise you to leave your wrap in place.

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Published on
November 30, 2022
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